Weld Mesh

Welded wire mesh for Poultry cages

CHAKRA is the largest manufacturer of welded wire mesh for poultry cages and allied equipment for poultry farms. Cages are the foremost involvement of CHAKRA. A hen can live better, perform better and adapt better only in a cage with matched quality of freedom. A free-range bird will have more freedom dallying and forgetting its primary purpose of laying eggs. A cage disciplinary will make a bird comfortable in its space, adopts the bird to perform its job of laying eggs, and correlate to perform better.

Poultry Experience:

Over decades of poultry experience and understanding
poultry psychology, CHAKRA evolved to communicate with the bird and design a cage model which will aid in a bird’s performance and its livability. We are specialists in deciding which cage and its dimension will match the farmer’s expectancy from his bird. Yet, your choice is a dominant factor over our decision. We help you to conclude which cage will help the bird’s performance by sharing our past fruitful experiences with you.

hens in the gi galvanized welded mesh cages
galvanised wire mesh used in poultry cages

Our installation team is a cluster of experience from varied farms which have excelled to install chick cages in the fastest and the best way. Our installation teams have installed the best chick cages and bring back to us knowledgeable information which is the expected future in chick taming. Speed along with quality is their specialty. Trained from the industry’s best people, CHAKRA installation teams are clement in any situation or challenge.

Recombining all the factors for a perfect cage will first involve welded wire fence. A cage is never a cage without proper galvanized weld mesh. If a cage is made with the wrong or inexperienced dimensions and craftsmen, it will never satisfy either a hen or the farmer.

High-Quality Galvanized Wire:

A high-quality wire is necessary for a perfect cage. A sub-standard or a cheap wire choice may prove affordable and the calculation may look pretty today but in a long run, it will prove to be expensive to reinstall the same again. Instead, a high standard wire chosen today might seem dear today but their longevity and their endurance will always stand out in a long run. This is the only major reason for internationally acclaimed and proven super GSM wires. 

Weldeed mesh for poultry:

Not every wire welded in a square or a rectangle makes a weld mesh for a poultry cage. A welded mesh for poultry has certain parameters which should be observed closely while manufacturing which will play well for a poultry cage. The spacing, the weld quality, the strength after welding, retaining galvanized qualities after welding, galvanizing after welding, correct grid for the correct bird, and many more. 

battery cage door made up of gi welded mesh for poultry
gi welded wire mesh in poultry cages
These are all factors that have to be concentrated while making a weld mesh for the bird. This is only possible with experts. New business enthusiasts will only experiment and practice on farmers leaving them helpless. At CHAKRA you can have peace of mind as we have 1000’s previous successful histories and many happy customers in our chart We suggest you communicate with our executives to recommend what is best for your region and then your story of success is automatic. We always have an answer which will be the solution for your unanswered question or unsolved trouble. Our solution experts can provide you with ideas that might even surprise you with their reality and our technologies. We hope you have the best-welded wire mesh on your farm.