Chain Link Fencing


CHAKRA INDIA: Fencing your poultry either for the houses or on the boundary is an enormous advantage at CHAKRA. CHAKRA makes the best quality chain link which is used to cover your boundary without the need for a wall to give proper ventilation to the poultry house by covering the sides with a chain link fencing. 

India has the advantage of nature. This advantage is that there is no extreme climate in India. Taking this as an advantage, poultry has a very easy development opportunity. 

the best chain link for poultry farms in chin chickens are behind the chain link
poultry chain link fencing
  • To use the advantage of what the Indian climate gives to the poultry industry, we can cover the sides of the poultry farm with chain links to keep away the feed predators and let the birds also enjoy the climate of India. 
  • Air is free, let the birds enjoy air by providing chain links on the sides of the poultry house.
  • Depending on the choice of the customer’s plan to make his farm, we can make a chain link from 3/4″ to 1.5″ in the poultry house requirements. Made from highly coated wires, the wire shall be 1.6mm or 1.4mm as chosen and shall be coated with 120GSM Zinc. 
  • All wires are produced in the hot-dip galvanizing pattern which shall achieve the coat quality to be the most modern and most adhesive on the steel. Any higher requirements of the wire can also be involved which shall include high-quality wires only. 
  • CHAKRA being the manufacturer of chain link fencing has the advantage of more options for the chain-link requirement. Poultry farmers can choose a height and required length for their poultry farm.
  • Involving 16 semi-automatic machines, CHAKRA can deliver your chain link requirement in a very sensible time frame. With an independent power alternative, CHAKRA has no bar on the manufacturing process for timely delivery of chain links as requested by the customer. 
  • Skilled personal staff working on skilled machines is achieving CHAKRA a very good rapport either in timely supply of the quality of manufacturing chain link.
  • All inbound wires for chain link fence manufacturing are subjected to our in-house laboratory. We involve chemicals tests on all wires which shall then be accepted for manufacturing chain link. We reject the inferior quality of wires and wire coating. Our insists are towards highest GSM of wires available and better shine of galvanized wires.
  • CHAKRA has over experiences gained knowledge that chain link is a very useful product to even sustain a bird from the disease. Migratory birds are the main carriers of Viruses. From H5N1 to H5N10, all viruses have been traced as a reason for migratory birds influencing viruses into poultry.
  • Migratory birds when visiting a virus-infected farm either offshore or inland, possess the particular virus and as a result of the climate advantage, they migrate to our region and when they come in close contact with the poultry birds, induct the virus there which is catastrophic for the birds and the loss can be huge. 
  • This can be prevented by chain linking the house completely from top to bottom so that the migratory birds are not allured with the hope of food either inside a poultry bird litter or feed served to the poultry bird. 
  • Most of the farmers usually omit this philosophy and either by innocence or on purpose do not cover chain link on the bottom side/below the platform of the farm. This is an open-loop for virus entry into the poultry house.
  • CHAKRA has even the facility to fence your boundary with chain links and related material. More details can be found at which is a conglomerate of CHAKRA.
  • We hope your poultry houses are well-fenced.