Poultry Farm Cooling Fans

poultry air circulating fans

Cooling Fan for poultry farm

The newest product in the market which is being sold at a high speed today is the air circulating fan by CHAKRA. The CHAKRA cooling fan for poultry farm comes in two motor options and two custom options. 

Single-phased and three-phased fans are available with a fogger attachment or without a fogger attachment. These products are the best choice for farmers these days who are looking for a solution that can cool their open houses in the minimum amount of time. 

Attached with foggers, these CHAKRA poultry farm cooling fans are fine fog spraying agents with can even push the cool breeze to the chicken. cooling fan for poultry farm


Running on as low as 1/2h.p, these fans revolve at 960 rpm which can reach the breeze to a distance of 50 feet. Easy installation is possible with the fan with their customized design from CHAKRA.

  • A plug-and-play concept has been convinced to these fans which makes them the fastest-moving product in the market. Considering the poultry use, these fans have been designed and made to sustain in the dusty and moist environment in the poultry house.
  • Four foggers are the standard kit that comes with the fan which makes this a very powerful cooling system.
  • CHAKRA air circulation fan for poultry is an equipment which can attract you for its presentation and usefulness in your farm.
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poultry air circulating fans