Modular H Frame Cages


H-frame modular cages are thoughtfully designed so a bird can lodge and perform comfortably. The space per bird is a non-compromised feature also allowing more birds to be accommodated in the same house.

Water and feed supply to a egg laying bird or broiler chicken is a no-bargain aspect while egg and litter collection systems are simplified and automated.

Due to these features and advantages, the popularity of the battery cage system in Indian poultry farming is increasing speedily. We at CHAKRA are prepared to supply and service the H-frame modular cages to add to the customer’s advantage and enjoyability of his poultry farming profession.

battery cage system in poultry
battery cage door made up of gi welded mesh for poultry

CHAKRA’S integrations and advancements in H-frame modular cages:

Bird language:

Bird language is easy to learn. CHAKRA tries to understand the feelings of birds and try to interact with the birds as we observe all the conditions in and around a bird. This led us to fashion a cage which is most enjoyed by the birds.

Indigenous design with experience:

Our experience in poultry has always guided us to understand both customer’s and the bird’s requirements and needs which made us design an indigenous Hybrid birdcage with our own unique design.

R&D and enhancements:

After introducing our unique poultry battery cage system into the market, we haven’t stopped there, our R&D department is continuously enhancing and making better our modular cage based on the wisdom we have and are learning in poultry.

Customers shoes and suggestions:
  1. CHAKRA not only manufacture and supply poultry equipment but we place ourselves in each of our customer’s shoes as we understand their requirement and also, we imagine and eradicate their future troubles.
  2. Our expert team gives suggestions to our customers as we share our knowledge in poultry farming and we learn new hidden factors from them, which when shared is favorable to every next customer. We help them differentiate correct and wrong poultry practices as we are with them from the planning to his first successful outcome. This customer touch has put CHAKRA in the pioneer position of customer satisfaction.
  3. We encourage a farmer’s suggestion to upgrade his cage model but not at the stake of a customer losing money or welcoming troubles. Our reasons and convincing have always been fruitful to both the bird and the farmer
poultry farming battery cage system
battery cage system of poultry
Robust design and high tolerance:

CHAKRA never compromises on high-quality material and immaculate customer service. We involve super-grade galvanized wires and heavy-grade C-channels to be sure of the cage endurance in a farm. We manufacture strong and robustly designed chicken battery cages with high steadiness to overcome the damages which occur with continuous use and time. Due to the healthy design and high standards of all involved materials, the life span of H-Frame modular cages is higher which we make a point not to be absent in our calculations


For a parent birdcage, doors are one part that should be paid more attention to. The often used and the only moving part in a cage is a door. The design of a door should be such that the door should not reflect any malfunction because of the deformation due to usage. CHAKRA’s Research and development department visioned these troubles with doors and designed a sliding door system with an exceptional design for cages with no trace of damage even after intense and long use. CHAKRA reserves the fame to introduce these super smooth and easy operational doors for its own cage system.

layer birds in battery cage/modular h frame cage in front of a feeder
poultry ai trolley

Artificial insemination is a daily chore in breeding cages. The reach of the third tier or higher tiers and the movement speed in an H-frame battery cage is a challenge that has to answer with a smart solution. CHAKRA has devised a multi-purpose trolley whose main functionality is artificial insemination. CHAKRA clarifies its involvement in a farmer’s difficulties with this work of a genius product to stun most of a farmer’s troubles.

Technical Data

CHAKRA Breeder cages are offered in 2 Tier & 3 Tier as per the need

2 tier parent modular h frame cage/battery cage design
3 tier battery cage design