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rooftop wind turbine ventilator

Rooftop ventilator

Seasonal Ventilation Requirement

Hot and extreme temperatures have proclaimed no remedies but only acceptable for a long time. The heat from the sun’s rays enters the house/shed/industry and heat up the area. 

As a natural phenomenon hot air rises up and in some cases, the temperature in the roof chamber can rise up to 55 to 60 Degree Celsius thereby consequently increasing the temperature inside the house.

During the winter, trapped air inside the building is moist which decreases the life of the roofing sheets, rafters, etc.

To address these problems, it is well-advised to install a Turbine Roof Ventilator to extract air from the roof chambers.

How It Works

  • As a natural phenomenon hot air always rises to the top and if there is no vent in the roof it builds heat at the roof and gradually penetrates down into the house.
  • A turbine ventilator is installed in the roof which operates with the help of wind energy.
  • Turbine blades start to rotate at the slightest breeze/wind (even when the wind speed is 2mph)
  • During rotation, the centrifugal force created draws the risen hot humid air in the turbine towards the spinning vanes and out of the turbine thereby creating a low-pressure area.
  • This low-pressure area is immediately replaced with cool air from below which in-turn is replaced by fresh air from outside through other openings of the building, giving rise to ventilation.
  • Since the turbine rotates continuously the airflow is also continuous resulting in an improved work environment inside the building. 
rooftop vent
Rooftop Ventilator

rooftop wind turbine ventilator Specifications

Name27" Turbo Ventilator24" Turbo Ventilator
The ball Diameter880 mm750 mm
The Throat Diameter60 mm600 mm
No. of Blades36 nos Double Curved30 nos Double Curved
Width of each blade85 mm65 mm
Height of Turbo Fan700 mm
Net Weight of Turbo11.7kgs8.5 kgs
Adjustable Ring Angle0-45 degree0-45 degree
Suction Capacity2,600 to 6,500 CBM/Hour2,000 to 5,200 CBM/Hour


  • Enhance the life of the insulation, roofing sheet, rafters, etc., by removing accumulated hot, humid, and polluted air
  • Provide a pleasant working environment in all-seasons
  • Increase the performance of workers by replacing hot, humid, and polluted air with fresh air from outside


  • Electricity free cooling, cuts on air-conditioning cost
  • Helps prolong the life of insulation, roofing sheets, etc.
  • Friction-free turning
  • Low inertia head design turns on the slightest breeze
  • Smooth and quiet in operation
  • Resistance to high industrial pollution
  • Made with Stainless Steel
  • Rust free
  • Rainproof rugged spider design