Cage Mats

egg protecting cage mats in a layer cage

Cage mats

Saving an egg after a bird has done its job is as important as the mother bird takes care of its eggs for the chick. The egg should land on a soft surface. The eggs should roll out of the cage smoothly and land in a proper pickup place. This might be a challenge when the cage is made of hard steel wires. To make these hard steel wires cushiony, CHAKRA has in its shelf the cage mats which allow the bird to launch its precious egg on the soft pad alias the cage mat allowing no breakage to the egg.

Also adding to the benefit, the cage mat also becomes the soft floor for the heavy bird. The breeder birds today weigh about 4 to 6 kilograms depending on the breed and the bird. This heavy bird needs a soft base so that it enjoys its profession in the cages. This is when the cage mat makes the cage floor a cushiony or padded floor. 

We at CHAKRA have analyzed the durability of the cage mats as they will be water flushed and sun/machine dried after a batch. A mat should be made so as to remain with the farm for more batches of birds. We understand that cages and their accessories are not punctual purchase items. This is when quality comes in place. CHAKRA has a secret material formula that allows this a possibility with its stamina to remain for years without losing the soft nature.

We have in our range diverse sizes of cage mats as we comprehend that not all farms have the same size of cages. The most chosen sizes of cage mats for parent birds are the size of the cages which are often chosen by customers for their birds. Also, we have in our production array, different sizes of cage mats to match your cage.

hens standing on a cage mat to protect eggs