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A blindfold advantage to poultry farmers is the CHAKRA feeders and feed management in poultry.

CHAKRA has in its advantage the experience to manufacture and supply the best poultry feeding equipment for a complete farm convenience for the farmer and the bird. The basic protocol of a CHAKRA feeder and feed management is the proportionate distribution of feed to each and every bird, no feed wastage, easy reach for the bird, convenience in feeding birds, and scheduled operations.

CHAKRA feed management allows farmers to calculate and analyze the feed requirement and proper distribution method right in advance. Feed grain is not wasted which allows the farmers to cut the costs of wastage in a farm feed activity.

hens eating their feed through feeders
chakra poultry feeding system

Increasing labour and line staff tariffs and costs in a developed and developing nation are now a wonder to many farmers of how to evade the over budgets they are entitled to. In this regard, the initial investment at CHAKRA can achieve the cost less management of a farm without labour hassles and their obstacle reasons.

CHAKRA can help you by providing the solutions in the most challenging situations in your respective farms by suggesting the most feasible and efficient feed management and distribution systems. CHAKRA is a provider for the minimum feed conveyance cost with its low-powered motors and efficient designs.

CHAKRA has proved its successful machinery and its productivity to many farms where the farmers are happy and their convenience in using CHAKRA feed management equipment.

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chakra poultry feeding system

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