Breeder Eggs Trays

Breeder Eggs Trays – BET 300

  • For handling, storage & transportation of Medium size Breeder Eggs
  • Rigid in strength & stability but flexible to protect eggs and minimize damages
  • Compact in design with complete egg bottom touch surface
  • Complete egg bottom surface touch maximizes egg protection, increases support strength thereby drastically reduces any possible egg damage.
  • Made of 100% virgin plastic, ensuring longer life
  • Can safely be used while sanitizing & disinfecting eggs
  • Egg tray designed for maximum air flow, thereby increasing the hatchability & ideal for cold storage.


  • Size: 300mm*300mm*50mm
  • weight: 185g ±10g
  • Ideal for medium size Breeder eggs (50g- 65g)
  • Holding Capacity: 30 eggs
  • Shipping Capacity: Approx. 70000 eggs in 20’ container