Water Distribution System

Water Distribution System

Water distribution is a simple solution with CHAKRA. Water tanks are the conventional and best water distribution methods used today. There is a calculated pressure in the CHAKRA water distribution to pipes which allows the nipple to perform.

 Water distribution is mostly practiced in this method whereas CHAKRA regulators also are a very convenient practice. Made after proper study and adequate resources, the water distribution systems have always shown their success in poultry farming. 

poultry water supply system
poultry water distribution

Capable of flawless water supply to birds, the CHAKRA water distribution system allows flushing facility also. Arrangement of this water distribution facility is from simple logic’s and easily available components to everybody anywhere.

  • This facilitates that anyone can assemble this water distribution system trouble less and easily operated. CHAKRA emphasizes on unbroken water supply to the birds and trouble less operation of water distribution system.                           
  • We hope water is well distributed in your farm