Broiler Parent Water Nipple

Broiler parent water nipple

CHAKRA makes the most accurate nipple for broiler parent birds and their behavior. Be it a commercial layer or a parent layer, CHAKRA has on its shelf a nipple specially designed for any kind of an adult broiler parent bird. Planned to deliver a suitable quantity of water matching the drinking patterns of different layer birds, CHAKRA has made sure that the same is brought into reality.  

An adult bird should be never constrained with water as it might affect other performances of a bird either timewise or immediately. CHAKRA has perfected in making the most appropriate nipple for the layer birds allowing their health and performance. The straight action layer nipple has the proper delivery of water respective to the bird and its consumption.

Flawlessly made from the most advanced world-recognized machinery and the intensive batch tested before the nipple is used in the field, CHAKRA nipples are a value for the purchase for the long service it offers you. Indulged in making nipples over decades, CHAKRA has settled in a position to manufacture as many as to be able to furnish to all of our customer footfalls.   

When there is a quality in manufacture, the life of the product will remain longer. This is evident with CHAKRA’s super quality material used for the manufacture of this piece. Only virgin plastics and stainless steel are employed for the making of a water nipple which CHAKRA makes sure that they last for the longest in service. 

Litter condition in layer poultry houses is one factor that has to be practical due to its adverse forms when not managed properly. The troubles from wet litter conditions in a farm are moreover mentions which can be controlled by no leakage in water nipples and suitable delivery of water for the bird. CHAKRA is a mentionable enemy to the wet litter condition in the farm with its leak-resistant nipples.

Spillage is another trouble that loses the charisma of a white bird. When more water is delivered even when not required, it leads to spillage which wets the feathers of the bird in the neck portion. When the same wet neck bird reaches the feed in the collar feeders, it might encounter some rub against material in the portion which makes it lose its feathers and the charisma. When water delivery is enough so as a bird can fill its gulp, spillage can be reduced. CHAKRA has a point unnoticed here that all birds can drink the correct amount of water.

We hope your birds are happy and white.