Poultry Cage Feeders

Poultry cage feeders

CHAKRA has in its range poultry cage feeders in various stages of a bird’s life. From the chick feeders to Parent bird feeders, CHAKRA can supply pvc poultry cage feeders for the different stages of a bird and a bird’s comfort in enjoying the feed in the feeders. 

A chick bird can not reach the feed in a grown bird feeder. A grown bird needs feed which can not be accommodated in a chick bird feeder. 

The height of the feeder and the placement of the feeder on the cages are a calculated feature which plays a major role in the bird enjoying its feed from the feeder.

What are the other CHAKRA poultry cage feeder advantages?

The feeder is attached to the poultry cage with a bracket. A bracket is a special design galvanized element which can sustain the feeder weight and tolerate the feeder’s stability for a longer period. 

Galvanized brackets add to the value of the product as their galvanized characters remain intact for a durable time limit. 

The growing need for quality brackets put CHAKRA in the position to manufacture brackets in mass quantity depreciating the time of supply which allows the supply of brackets in time. 

  • There is less concept involved with brackets being used for any other purposes which is why brackets are dedicated to poultry cages that ensure standards in products. 
  • Each feeder individually has its respective brackets for its particular design.
  • A round feeder which is more used for elder birds has a round bracket and a square feeder which is often used for chicks has a square bracket. 
  • However, we have the facilities to manufacture brackets with a custom design as per the request which conveniences the customers thought for his farm.
Production facility : 
  • Feeders in CHAKRA are an unmatched aspect when it comes to manufacturing. With sophisticated and high operational machinery and cultured staff, CHAKRA has the potential to manufacture CHAKRA feeders on a 24×7 basis to meet the demand for a CHAKRA feeder in the market.
Purpose of round and square fenders and brackets: 

An adult bird has a proportion of feed that should be consumed in a day. More feed or less feed has its own side effects on the bird or its productivity, growth, or comfort. 

Similarly, a chick bird should consume its genetically induced feeding quantity else there are enough side effects on them too.

These abnormalities should not be the cause because of the feeder. A feeder should assist the quantity and convenience for a bird which is why an adult bird is offered around the feeder and a chick bird is offered a square feeder.

The height of the feeder in the cage also needs to be correct for the bird which is that a chick bird can not reach the feed in the bottom of a round feeder which is why they have their specific design.

Bird psychology and feed wastage:

In our observation, we have another important topic that should be elaborated which is the psychology of the bird.

CHAKRA feeders are such designed that there is no domination of birds in feed consumption. Every bird can consume the feed simultaneously whether a dominating bird or a week bird.

CHAKRA cages also have these features by allowing enough feeding space per bird. The feeder also involves the same feature. Feed wastage is what is often observed in farms. To save the feed, CHAKRA feeders can contribute with their feed holding design which causes no spill to feed when the bird is pricking the heap of feed which makes CHAKRA feeder a complete solution for feed wastage. Beak play is allowed towards the bird in a CHAKRA feeder. 

Usually, birds do not play their beaks in the opposite direction but including this study in our help outs to design the feeder, we have allotted a beak play space for the chick which makes it easier for the chick/ bird to enjoy the feed in a CHAKRA feeder.

Feeder Accessories:

  • CHAKRA feeders like their standard involve CHAKRA feeder accessories for a complete installation of feeders for the poultry cage.
  • Namely: Feeder joints and feeder ends.
  • CHAKRA Feeder joints are specially designed to joint the feeder.
  • They are made of a special design where both the adjacent feeders are inserted into the feeder joint and bolted confirming a thorough installation procedure.

CHAKRA Advancements:

  • CHAKRA is on a full spree of watch-outs and look-outs for new technologies and conveniences we can offer to a farmer for his persistent dedication to poultry. 
  • Individually or collectively, a farmer always chooses products that are capable of managing his farm in a longer time, trouble-free and easy maintenance.
  • Including all these features in CHAKRA feeders, out thrive is to even introduce farmers to newly available products
  • CHAKRA can keep you updated with the world with its new advancements which can be availed at any CHAKRA dealer or executive.
  • We hope your birds are well-fed