Poultry Gas Heating System

Poultry Heating Equipment

CHAKRA keeps me happy is the word of every bird if birds could talk. This is evident with the CHAKRA poultry gas heater heating system. When the temperatures are intolerable by the bird, there is a need to keep the bird comfortable whether for proper growth symptoms or for good performance. 

Usually, the temperatures in winter touch 90 centigrade on the tropical belt and even lower in some places. This is where a close watch on the bird’s health is necessary.

Especially the chicks need to be maintained at 320 centigrade to keep them active and healthy. 

In otherwise situations, the birds form into groups to muster warmth, and a few shall be weakened or killed because of bird stampede.

poultry heating system
poultry gas brooder
  • CHAKRA has proven techniques and equipment to maintain the birds at optimal temperatures even in cold temperatures. 
  • CHAKRA Poultry heating system includes automatic and manual gas brooders which can help you maintain the heat either throughout the shed or in a confined area for the birds.
  • Considering the unhygienic and unsafe heating practices, like coal buckets and wood fireplaces or the expensive method of infrared bulbs or electric brooders.
  • The CHAKRA gas brooder is the safest brooder with minimum consumption of energy increasing the comfort zone of the bird.
  • CHAKRA has revealed to you the inexpensive method of keeping your bird warm in winters with the gas method which is considerably economical compared to electricity or coal sources. 
  • The gas brooders are today the choice of many calculated and experienced poultry farmers.