Floor Rearing

Floor Rearing System

Broiler farmers are at a wholesome benefit with the CHAKRA floor rearing system with the availability in the CHAKRA products range

Adding benefits to the product are the CHAKRA floor rearing comprising the floor nipple system for drinking facility for the chicken and the floor feeding system for feeding facility for chicken is brought to the customer at the most efficient price and the newest technology available in the world. 

chick drinking pvc water pipe through nipples
Floor Nipple System for Drinking
birds eating on floor rearing system jumbo feeder
Floor Feeding System for Feeding

The exertion of broiler farmers involving uneven feeding the chicken, unorganized watering the chicken, untidy sheds, routine equipment cleaning, unhealthy birds, and convenience are all eradicated with CHAKRA floor rearing. 

CHAKRA Floor rearing is a resolution to broiler farmers bringing them bundles of advantages like easy management and easy maintenance. Each advantage shall be discussed in detail at the respective products.