Foggers and Sprinklers

Fooger's & Sprinkler's

Foggers for poultry farm

Existed since the very first products of the poultry industry sophistication are the foggers and the sprinklers. The very known and proven system for cooling the open farm in high temperatures is the CHAKRA foggers. 

Very renowned for their performance during hot climates, foggers are a simple solution to maintain the house temperature and keep the cost low. 

Working with simple logic, the foggers prove they are very economical and they can work for a longer course of time. Being built in plastic material, CHAKRA foggers do not have the fear of clogs or rust. 

Their reasonable price makes them the highest choice of cooling systems by many budget farmers. The sprinklers sit on the roof of the poultry house contributing to bringing down the asbestos or roofing sheets. 

four way fogger
Four Way Fogger

Sprinkler for poultry farm

  • Our range of poultry sprinklers includes brass and plastic sprinklers which can dispense water to a minimum radius of 10 feet to a maximum of 50 feet which can accommodate even sheds with a longer width.
  • Sprinklers are a very often product for cooling poultry houses which is even very useful for vegetative farming these days.
  • The practical economy price of the sprinklers is a just accessory that every farmer must have to keep their farm cooler and comfortable.
poultry sprinkler
Water Sprinkler