Chick Water Nipple

CHAKRA chick nipple


Model number: CL07

Poultry chicken has to be paid the same attention as we heed for a human child. Their innocence and their learning nature are more encouraged with the CHAKRA chick nipples adding to their health advantage.

CHAKRA has invested its experience and wisdom in designing the water nipple very interactive with a chick by its all-side action feature. Chicks playing with a nipple is an observation you will enjoy in a CHAKRA chick nipple while the advantage is fetched to the chick in return. Also, mechanized to deliver the correct amount of water for a chick CHAKRA chick nipple is a perfect chick companion. The reason for the spillage of water in chick drinking has been studied and emphasized in the CHAKRA chick nipples with the intense action of the trigger adapting itself to adapt itself to the movement delivered by the chicks.

Chick hydration is the most often reason farmers are concerned to fight chick mortality. Water is very necessary for this stage of a chick where it is not deprived of fluids to keep itself healthy and hydrated. The adaptability of a chick to a nipple is very important which is seldom observed by the tamers. The effortlessness of a chick to operate the nipple is the best part allowing the chick’s playfulness to attain the water levels in its body.

A chick is put to stress when it is trimmed at its beak for the various advantages it has. The newly cauterized beak and the heat stress it was put to for the beak trimming should be better compensated with a smoother operation nipple when the chick wants some water from the nipple. The CHAKRA chick nipple has this advantage where the bird is very comfortable without any stress drinking water with its original instincts even after the beak trimming.

The thirst of chicks after their feed intake must be observed with a keen intellect to make sure that no chick is turned away from the water source at this moment. CHAKRA chick nipple has been designed to be operated by 10 chicks at once catering enough water to all chicks releasing their quench.

We hope your chicks are well hydrated.