Gas Brooders

LPG Gas Brooders for Poultry Farm

CHAKRA has researched and made the gas brooder for poultry cages which is the perfect shield for birds again cold temperatures. Available in two variants, Automatic and manual the CHAKRA gas brooders can be operated and function automatically or manually as required. 

Consuming ideal LPG gas from the cylinders, CHAKRA LPGgas brooders have proved to be cost-effective heat generators. 

Made from stainless steel, the body and features of a poultry farm gas brooder’s are a long-term investments for your farm. The special material filament has the capacity to function for a consumed longer heat life.

gas brooding system

Automatic gas brooder :

  • In longhouses where chicks have to be kept warm, it is a hectic job with any other heat sources like coal buckets. Considering the economy of heat generation, CHAKRA LPG gas brooders are better pocket savers compared to electricity-consuming equipment.
  • CHAKRA automatic LPG gas brooders are such structures that the entire poultry farm can be sufficiently accommodated with the correct number of gas brooders and can be heated uniformly.
  • A thermo-control unit is provided in the automatic gas brooding system which can automatically operate on the temperature appointed.
  • High-quality connections make sure there is no LPG gas leak in the house and the gas brooder for poultry is safely operated. Available with an operation manual, the CHAKRA automatic gas brooder is a super choice for large houses accommodating enormous chicks.
gas brooding in poultry
poultry gas broode

Manual gas brooder :

  • Efficient enough as an automatic gas brooder, the manual gas brooder can be used where the birds can be confined into a smaller area and the volume can be heated as necessary.
  • Usually predominant in poultry broiler bird houses, the manual gas brooder can be chosen as per the birds and volume of space that has to be maintained warm.
  • What can be justified in a manual gas brooder is the way the manual gas brooder can be used for the birds in a custom approach.
  • If you want to know the price of the CHAKRA poultry farm LPG gas brooder click here and fill the quick quote form and our representative will reach you.