Poultry Cages

layer poultry farm

Poultry Cages

Poultry cages are a factor that should be first given attention when our plan and action is a poultry farm and its yield.

CHAKRA emphasizes the customer’s point of view of which cages are better for his income. Our deductions narrow down to the most popular cages chosen by our vast clientele and the success they have gained in their selection.

A few types of cages are most recommended by CHAKRA which allows more contentment to a customer.

Cage frontCage depthCage heightbird type
18"15"15"Chick cages
18"15"18"Grower cages
18"15"15"Layer cages
20"15"15"Layer cages
18"15"21"Female breeder cages
18"15"24"Male breeder cages

These are a few dimensions in CHAKRA cages that have achieved the award of most popular, productive, and profitable cage designs.

Our experience in the field of poultry has molded us to understand the bird and its behavior in a cage. We design and label a cage only after observing the comfort and lodge ability of a bird in a cage.

Living space per bird is a factor that has a lot of hidden reasons on bird performance and its productivity which CHAKRA always considers the thumb rule to provide.

Feeding space per bird is an aspect which is given high consideration as we are well aware of the advantages of birds consuming the correct amount of feed they should consume. No bird is left out with our reach of feed in a CHAKRA cage reflecting the great health of a bird.

Water is the most important ingredient of life to all beings including the chicken. CHAKRA watering nipples in a cage are designed and manufactured to leave no bird eager for water.

layer poultry farm design


baby chicks/pullets standing in the poultry chicken cages made of weld mesh

Chicks cage

broiler birds eating feed in poultry farm in India

Grower Cages

layer poultry farm

Layer Cages

poultry farming battery cage system

H Frame Modular Cages