Automatic Egg Collection Equipment

Automatic Egg Collection System

Automatic egg collection is a practical and feasible possibility with CHAKRA. When the poultry house is extra-long and the number of birds in the poultry house is also huge, it is very hard for manual picking of eggs in the poultry house. 

Either in terms of hectic and straining jobs for the workers or in terms of time involved in egg collection for a single house, it reflects somewhere else which are unseen. 

When the cages are battery cages and when the floors of the poultry cages are also high, it might not be possible for a couple of people to do the job. 

These tiring and long procedures can be made simple and short with the automatic egg collection system. 

poultry egg collection system
egg collection system
  • CHAKRA has in its range, an automatic egg collection machine that can be installed in such big poultry houses to collect the eggs to one point where they can be assembled.
  • All the eggs in a poultry house can be completed to be collected and assembled in just a couple of hours and the worker unit can move to the next poultry house. Made with a simple mechanism, the CHAKRA egg collection machine has in its creation an easy mechanism and easy operations.
poultry egg collection system in layer shed

Workers are a big threat in poultry farms these days. They try to move to new works expecting higher income. When this happens, the CHAKRA egg collection machine is always on your side. 

A new worker, an untamed worker, an inexperienced worker can operate the egg collection machine without failures in his work. The CHAKRA egg collection machine is such easy that we have observed even women workers operating and completing the egg collection job without effort. 

Combined with a canvas belt, the CHAKRA egg collecting machine is a break-proof belt system that reaches the egg to the collection point safely without breakage.

 Dusting pads in one corner of the belt system also helps the belt from not collecting dust so that dust is not introduced to the egg surface.