Drip Cup

Nipple Drip Cup

One very important component of watering systems and seldom chosen is the drip cup.

A chick bird is just learning to drink water from a nipple. The playfulness of the chick with the 3600 nipples should not be arrested because of the water it might not be able to consume because of its small beak and drinking capacity. A drip cup collects the extra water oozing out of the nipple when the chick plays or explores the water nipple. This drip cup again collects the water so as there is no wastage of water as the next chick consumes water from the cup.

A broiler nipple is one that has to be used from the day-old chick to the last day the broiler birds are cleared. Unlike the layer birds where there is a special nipple for each stage of the bird, the broiler nipple serves water to the birds from the first to last day. The capacity of the water nipple should be enough for adult bird consumption. This is when the same playfulness of a chick might not support its drinking capacity. 

Water is more dispensed while the chick can consume only a little from the nipple. The extra water must not land on the floor of a broiler house which has many more adverse effects on the farm. This is again where the drip cup is a farm saver allowing the chicks to play with the nipple and also allowing no water to be wasted. So will the same after the game continue when the next bird consumes the water from the cup.

Cleaning a drip cup is an everyday chore. This can not be skipped as the open water in the drip cup overnight might accumulate fungus or even other bacteria. Cleaning should be made easy. The design of a CHAKRA drip cup is such that it can be cleaned in just a swipe. The saucer design of the drip cup is design-oriented for easy cleaning while the drip cup can also save you from water wastage or other involved troubles.

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