Front Flat

Front flat

Chicks are mischievous and they try to find freedom from the narrowest gaps in a cage. Let us also consider their innocence to try fitting into the slimmest apertures.

A chick cage is such that it should accommodate a chick from day 1 to the 8th week or the 56th day. The front side of the cage which towards access to the feeder for the bird or chick should not be completely open to remain the chick in the cage and also should it be partially open so as a chick can reach the feeder. This is when an adjustable CHAKRA front flat is helpful. A CHAKRA front flat is accompanied with CHAKRA wingnuts especially made with a signature of quality using Virgin plastic material as the front flat.

Easy height adjustable to suit the gap so as a bird or chick can reach the CHAKRA feeder to consume its course of feed, the CHAKRA front flat and the wingnuts are a successful product saving many farms and farmers from the large escape of the chicks from the cages.