Grower Water Nipple

CHAKRA grower nipples

The grower stage is yet another stage where the birds are being prepared for their routine of laying eggs. The hydration of birds and their health because of the apt water intake is important in this stage. CHAKRA has in its range the apt water nipple for poultry grower birds.   

The raw material is the first aspect that has to be considered when you require the product to be of first-class quality. CHAKRA has never disposed of this idea as the raw material used for making the grower nipples are virgin plastics and marine-grade stainless steel. Most advanced machinery in manufacturing the CHAKRA nipples, the grower nipple is the best a grower bird can be gifted with. Our intense and punctual testing methods for quality checks are a mandatory principle which we make sure that our nipples are the best. 

Litter condition is naturally wet in a grower house because of the loose stools from a grower bird. Minimizing the wet litter condition is how CHAKRA can help with its fixed water delivery. 

A grower bird is a very beautiful bird visually. White feathers and the fresh pink snood and nostrils are merry to the eye. This beauty is often spoilt when the grower bird spills water on itself and rubs against the cage material could it be the wires or the feeder. This is when it loses the beauty and looks nude at its neck. A CHAKRA grower nipple can help you in this regard when it can deliver the correct amount of water for a bird to drink fully and not to over-spill.