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CHAKRA LAYER CAGES are the cornerstones for your egg yield and their gainful harvest.

A layer bird is the essence of poultry farming. Prevailing a chick stage safeguarding with CHAKRA chick cages and accomplishing a splendid grower stage of uniform growth in a CHAKRA grower cages, now is the ripe moment when the yield starts with a layer bird with their golden eggs. Our efforts invested for the chick birds and grower birds will mature to profits with these grand eggs. CHAKRA has witnessed thousands of such satisfactory poultry farmers who have lived their dreams with CHAKRA LAYER CAGES. 

Over periods of wisdom in the poultry arena and a series of experiences in layer Equipment, CHAKRA is today a proud disclaimer of successful layer bird cages.

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 What CHAKRA emphasizes is the productivity of a layer bird in the cage. Following hens, performance is the habitat of the bird in a cage and the comfort of a bird in a cage. 

The productivity of a bird is a direct proportion of its health maintained and the comfort of a bird in the cage. These primary factors are a default standard in CHAKRA layer cages which promises the highest productivity over other equipment manufacturers.

What is important to CHAKRA is not the farmer’s satisfaction and contentedness with low-quality standards and cheap cost of equipment. First-class quality of equipment’s supplied, their longevity in service, and their purpose of preserving a hens comfort and performance are the primary focus of CHAKRA poultry equipment.

Hen comfort:

A hen tends to be in the comfort zone when space and facilities given to the bird are possible in its own tendency. Comfort for a bird is basically five factors: Ventilation, water, feed, room, and sleep. These factors are the creators of the golden eggs these birds lay every day and their performance. Without any factor not corresponding, the performance of a hen will be sabotaged in small proportions which will account to even more with more than one factor failing.

For example: when feed, water, room, and sleep are adequate but ventilation is not proper, there might be a chance of the performance of a hen to drop to 86% from 90%. In the same example even when the water has failed at some point, the performance will slump to 80% from 86%. This crash in the percentage of hen productivity will even collapse as more and more factors are failing to be provided to a hen.

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This is where CHAKRA comes in with the CHAKRA layer cages. All the secret factors of a bird’s performance and comfort are observed, studied, and explained. Every cast for bird comfort and performance is taken into consideration when we custom a farm and equipment for you. 


ventilation can be achieved with CHAKRA ‘M’ frame cages, ‘A’ frame cages, and battery cages. ‘M’ frame cages are also known as California cages. This cage design originated from Mexico with the name California cages. They are a very well-designed and well-performing cage model. These cages include a good design of the cages in an array of a 2-dimensional pyramid which will have 3 tiers or 2 tiers. Basically, for a commercial layer bird, a 3tier also abbreviated as 3T is mostly chosen. For a broiler parent layer or a layer parent layer, a 2tier cage model is chosen.

This is because a parent bird is very sensitive to the minimal changes and situations of weather which is why they are given more emphasis on performance. In these California cages, the airflow is noticed from all sides. From bottom and sides. This is the reason the California cages are a mammoth success milestone in terms of ventilation. 

When the air reach to each bird is satisfactory, a bird-like a human can work well when there is fresh air. When suffocated, a bird will tend to concentrate on its challenge and will give less attention to its work. This is where ventilation is on the first of the chart yet there are factors that are even more than ventilation.


water is the most essential ingredient for a bird. Probably, water can be termed the most important factor for a bird’s comfort and performance. The more water the bird consumes, the better is its health restored and the more is the performance.

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eggs in layer poultry farm

There are many ways of a bird being adapted for water but the best chosen is a nipple drinking system which has created a revolution in poultry watering systems. CHAKRA on the same hand is a good provider of watering systems for all birds. Especially, the layer birds, CHAKRA has an incorporation of nipple drinking system in CHAKRA cages. Manufactured and interrelated, the CHAKRA watering system in a CHAKRA cage is the perfect configuration.

Water is served to each and every bird with the same measure and the nipple is such placed which will allow birds from both the cages to reach the nipple simultaneously. A specially designed nipple for different bird breeds is what is special at CHAKRA. A commercial layer bird or a broiler parent bird will not have the same nipple. They will be completely different in specifications. A broiler bird and a layer bird nipple will be completely different on the same argument. 

This is where CHAKRA proves that we are special for each of your birds. Water when neglected can disrupt a huge quantity of poultry health. This is the reason water has been placed on the top list of priorities at CHAKRA.


the feed is an obvious requirement for poultry. CHAKRA layer cages are incorporated which will assist the bird to munch through feed individually. There is no bullying in birds, there is not an iota of undisturbed feed to any bird. Equality and uniform distribution of feed is always a sense of bird comfort with CHAKRA cages. The reach offered to each bird is a factor that is considered equal in a CHAKRA cage. 

We hope your layers are laying healthy eggs healthily. 

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Typical Layer Cage

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