Poultry Watering System

Poultry Watering System


80% of all diseases are a result of a deficit of water for a living being. Be it humans or a hen. As we have always come across, most of the doctors and health specialists suggest water as a necessary intake to fight away flues and any abnormalities. 

When this is the scenario for humans, how is it any different for a hen? Rather, a human can consume water after prolonged intervals but a hen can not tolerate water deficiency for a longer time.

There will be a noticeable contrast in a hen’s health or its performance or its behavior. Sometimes it is not surprising that a hen might even die if deficient in water and in such a short span of time like a couple of hours. This is how important why water is such an important ingredient in a poultry health tabulation.

layer drinking water through layer parent nipple
nipple water system for poultry


We result as a healthy bird with an immaculate and flawless supply of water. Every bird has an equal amount of water. Any bird is never in a deficit of water. Every bird has adequate water consumption. Water is never a crisis with CHAKRA watering systems. These are pleasant poultry health tips that are standard with CHAKRA.


When a bird is given enough water and feed, the bird follows its time chart of production. Production is conserved. When a bird is consuming enough water, there is always a sign of more immunity in a bird from local flues and environmental changes. The litter is pasty neither loose nor dry which reflects a well-bred chicken.

The eggshell is strong along with other factors involved in egg quality. The growth of birds is uniform with uniform water consumption.

These are symptoms of a healthy bird which are mostly neglected by a minority of farmers because of their unawareness of this concern. We recommend you to read and implement most of our explanations which will benefit you to sustain your hens healthy and happy.

We hope your chicken is drinking more water to stay healthy.

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Poultry Watering System

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Water Nipples

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Water Distribution System

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