Research and Development

CHAKRA is teaching while it is learning, always. This exemplary is evident with our Research and Development team. 

We are always researching feasible and more advantageous product designs to eradicate the fallible and expected troubles a farmer might face in his journey of the poultry business.

Equipped with the best engineers to analyze the stress on every point of the material, CHAKRA makes sure that the material manufactured is strained at no point to give more bearing ability to the product. 

Planning a material production is in coordination with our R&D team which also allows us to be a step ahead of production to meet the demand of our customers.

Engaging the world-class software to examine the endurance of a model and then designing the blueprint of a product is always achieving to determine a good product. 

Also involving a 3D prototype with a 3D printer, all our products are predesigned and tested vigorously for their longevity.

We are proud of our R&D team for their successful models of cages and our signature products.