Cooling Pad System

Cooling Pads

The most economical cooling system available and the highest grade of cooling achieved is by the CHAKRA cooling pads and the husbandry fans. CHAKRA cooling pad is available in various sizes and arrangements to cool your poultry house with the least economical options. 

The 6-inch thick hard paper cooling pad has always been a sensible choice of many who seek cooling effect without the expensive possibilities.

Coming with all the required features as in the sinks, inlets, and water channels, the cooling pads can operate with a simple water pump and even make sure that the water is recycled and not wasted. 

The durable quality of the cooling pad from the proven background is always an article that can be relied on for a longer duration. Conventional methods like jute or dried grass fibers do not have pores that can just contain water in them. 

poultry cooling pad system