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Grower Cages are from where CHAKRA proves another success anecdote in poultry farming.

After the poultry chicks have been raised well in their comfort zone, the next challenging step is to conserve the growers for their layer-hood. Either general (or) commercial growers or hatchery grower bird, this blossoming period as a complete hen is very important. CHAKRA is always a partner to you in this aspect of conserving a hens health and growth in this phase of its valued life. A grower bird is in between the 9th week to the 17th week of the bird. This period is now the challenge we have face regarding the salient features the bird is exhibiting which will reflect in the laying stages. Very close monitoring is very much required because of their easy immune systems in this stage. The bird has now developed a full functioning body system from a chick but the immunity is now not complete. Their feeding patterns, their drinking patterns and excretion patterns are now customised as per their body clock but what is now to develop in them is the constant growth patterns among all birds and ability to wade away flues and miser health hurdles. CHAKRA's role in this phenomenal stage is another benchmark explained which covers such grower bird nursing.

The chief factors that should be observed in this stage as a grower hen is uniform growth and mortality. Again the feed for the bird is the cause for uniform growth in a grower bird. CHAKRA managed to reveal the uniform growth secret in a grower bird by the feeding channels for a grower bird. Not less and not more for any bird, when the feed is uniformly consumed by all birds, the growth is seen uniform in all birds. A general (or) commercial growers are less affected with a drop or rise in feed consumption but a hatchery grower is highly affected with such a feed contrast. Even a small variation in the feed for the a few days will either sabotage the growth or heftily grow the bird which will lead to abnormalities. CHAKRA cages and associated feeders in a grower cage are such designed that every bird has equal amount of feed availability. Either bird bullying or bird isolation are not features observed in a CHAKRA cage. The spacing for each bird to consume feed has been calculated with live examples to give every bird a special category. The number of birds in each cage and their behaviors are studied and after has the cage for a grower bird been designed. Consequently, CHAKRA is the appropriate partner you can choose to offer you a grower bird cage which will reach your expectation from a grower bird.

Mortality is a cause in a grower stage bird because of its less immune system. Dehydrated birds, flues and such medical reasons arise as a result of less water consumption by the bird. CHAKRA gives you a one go remedy for any such concerns. A CHAKRA grower nipple has been a calculated design depending on the bird consumption of water in this grower moment. As a matter of fact, most water nipple makers do not consider their nipple delivery is a proportion of the birds health. CHAKRA accurately designed a water nipple for the grower bird especially. A layer nipple or a chick nipple will not serve the purpose of a grower nipple. This is where CHAKRA has a leading hand in nipples, where every type of bird is considered separately for water nipples. The height of the nipple from the birds, the convenience of the nipple for a bird, the quantity of water a bird consumes and the reach of every bird to the CHAKRA nipple is legitimate. CHAKRA cages ensures that water is adequate to every bird and water is not wasted by any bird. The height of the cage is such designed. Other dimensions of a grower cage are in such an architecture that every grower bird has the amenity for uniform growth and less mortality. The grower stage is accomplished with no excuse in a bird's healthy with CHAKRA grower cages.

With all the available accessories of CHAKRA poultry equipment, grower birds and their health is a major guarding factor at CHAKRA.

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