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Egg Trays

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Egg trays play a major role in the egg handling practice. A conventional egg tray just holds an egg. A CHAKRA egg tray has been made with special arrangements for the egg apart from just holing an egg in array.

CHAKRA egg trays have been made for extra size eggs which can hold the bigger egg. Extra size eggs are the parent eggs which need proper placement until they are in the incubator. They should also be accommodated with comfort egg tray and they should also not roll or twist unwise in the tray. Both of these features can be provided with a CHAKRA egg tray.

Aeration is the most important factor to be considered in stacking eggs. Most of the egg tray sellers do not wish to talk about this factor as the egg tray they shall be offering you has less aeration. CHAKRA elaborates the aeration feature in CHAKRA egg trays. Aeration is very important in an egg tray while stacking. The surface of the egg must be subjected to as much air as possible so that the hatch ability of the egg is not hampered. With aeration feature in a CHAKRA egg tray, we can challenge the hatch ability of your eggs achieved with CHAKRA eggs.

Stocking of eggs in a cold room has been a main material consideration. CHAKRA egg trays can be stacked in the cold room for any considerable period without a notch of material decomposition.

CHAKRA uses virgin plastics to make this egg tray. Flexible and fade less, CHAKRA egg trays are the best partners for your eggs before hatching.

A wide choice of colors are available in CHAKRA for the egg trays. Ranging from Red to white, CHAKRA egg trays are available also in attractive colors for your egg house.

We hope your eggs hatch well.

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