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Our momentous products will start with CHAKRA CHICK CAGES.

Chicks should given proper feed and water to reflect their healthy growth. This will eradicate mortality, bird starvation and divergent growth patterns. Uniformity of growth will benefit the farmers to worry less about their young chicks. From day 1 to the grower stage in the 8th week, a farmer is primarily concerned about the mortality, bird starvation and their uniform growth. CHAKRA can help you in these days with our chick cages which can very much control such challenges. A chick's reachability to food and water will reduce mortality. Mortality is always a reason for chick struggling for water and feed. It might not take too long for the little being to search for water, not finding them and give up its life. This is too short for us to help them but the remedy we can follow is being prepared. We should be prepared that this should not happen and present the chick with water always. CHAKRA cages are such designed that water is a flawless supply to chicks. Never will a chick be deficient of water supply in CHAKRA cages. Very small attention is enough to save the bird.

Feed is the growth cause in a chick. A cage should necessitate the reach of a chick to feed. CHAKRA cages collar feeders to a cage which are efficiently attainable by chicks. Cages are also such designed that all the chicks in the cage can feed simultaneously. There is no need for chicks to wait for their turn to feed themselves. The height of a feeder to a cage and the access of chick to a feeder are carefully composed for the chicks comfort. This feature allows uniform growth in all chicks in the chick stage of a hen. There is no question which has been laid on the growth pattern in a chick when in CHAKRA cages.

Comfort of the chick is a major role in it's growth and health. When a chick is comfortable with adequate water and enough food, there is no question of mortality. The feet of a chick are very sensitive in this stage. CHAKRA cage bottom is such designed that a chick can lay its feet on the bottom without hurt by metal structure and without struck in the gaps. It is an often fact that when the cage bottom has been given less priority when designing, it will lead to discomfort of the chick in the cage. The feet of a chick should rest on the cage floor. When the gaps are not calculated, the chick gets struck in the floor and will panic. This is not a life threatening issue but in panic and combat to release itself, the chick will hurt itself which will need speacial care thereafter. Such complications have already been studied at CHAKRA and our designs have never encountered such issues.

Either a layer chick or a parent chick, the care is the same required. CHAKRA considers both the chicks are as important and allows equal comfort to both the breeds respectively. CHAKRA CHICK CAGES is a standard feature for birds comfort and their healthy growth.

We hope the chicks are loving your farm.

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