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Water nipples use in poultry purpose is a very predominant standard these days. Convenience in using nipple in poultry has brought a drastic demand for nipples. Other advantages included for a pleasant poultry business are namely technology, proportionate water delivery to bird, dry litter condition, water saving, fresh water to bird, decreased contamination, better health and growth and tidy farm.

CHAKRA has in it's range, designated nipples for designated bird type. Not all birds have the same water consuming nature. Some breed of birds will have to consume more water for their epitome and some breed of birds are enough with adequate water for their performance. Considering all these factors CHAKRA has in its manufacture, the best quality water nipples as a complete farming solution.

CHAKRA water nipple convenience: Water served to the bird in water troughs was an extremely hideous work for poultry farmers. Water troughs had to be cleaned everyday in order to maintain them away from water fungus or algae. If neglected, this could be a harsh result among bird's health. After the capacity of the farm has increased from just a backyard farm to an organised farm, maintaining this water troughs is an impossible task. This is where the nipples help to guard the algae formation. Water is completely preserved in the pipes and the correct amount of water required for the bird is released at the birds choice. Convenience even include maintenance of nipples and ease of use of nipples. There is a great sense of freedom from worries after people have started using CHAKRA nipples for their farm.

Technology: CHAKRA has always been updated with the technological advancements in both the machinery required to make the best nipple and the study methods in which the bird enjoys the nipple. A 360 degree nipple is a must requirement for a chick. This is where CHAKRA has studied the psychology of a chick and made the 360 degree nipple for a chick which helps the chick get adopted to the nipple drinking discipline. A market survey and customer's feedback is an asset to CHAKRA from which we collect the most useful information and admit them into our next nipple innovation or advancement.

Proportionate water serving: Different birds need different water consumptions. A broiler bird needs more water to attain its growth in the specified period. A layer bird needs a required amount of water per day. A parent bird consumes more water as a result of its size and genetics. A chick needs less water but more easy nipple to operate to get adopted to a nipple. Considering these biological behaviour, CHAKRA has produced the correct nipple for the correct bird. Each of these nipples have their own functionality which will be best for the bird it has been made for. The quantum of water delivery will be as per the bird.

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Dry litter condition: A semi liquid litter condition is never a choice of any poultry farmer. More flies and other insects are attracted with the slurry litter condition which again has to be treated particularly. Ammonia is pungent and happens even frequent with liquid litter remains. To control this semi liquid litter condition, CHAKRA nipples can help you on a huge scale. A combination of accurate manufacture from high grade stainless steel and virgin material plastics can arrest any water leak subjected to water level maintenance. This is how half of the problem is solved. Over spilling, unnecessary water outlet and fixture leakages cause the remaining leakage which is not possible with a CHAKRA nipple. Proportionate water delivery for the specific bird breed saves unnecessary water outlet and over spilling. Made from virgin plastics, CHAKRA nipples can retain their material quality for long periods which does not depreciate the fix into the pipe leaving no scope for fixture leakage. CHAKRA nipple is the best remedy to keep your farm in a dry litter condition.

Water saving: water nipples are the correct methods to save water from wastage. The correct prescription for a happy farmer is the CHAKRA nipple. Water is saved to the maximum extent with the CHAKRA nipple for the beautiful features it possesses.

Fresh water to the birds: unlike the feed troughs, water is fresh for the poultry. There is no chance for water being stagnant and then consumed. Fresh water can keep the bird from drinking more water resulting in good health of the bird.

Decreased contamination: when the water is not open, there is less chance of water being contaminated by external pollution. Water pipes and water nipples can keep the water fresh and save the water from contamination disorders.

Better health and growth: This is the most achievable feature with a CHAKRA nipple. When the water is abundant to the bird and the ease of use of the nipple is convenient for the bird, the bird enjoys the nipple. This is when the bird can drink more water and can maintain itself healthy. In the case of chicks, we have observed that the chicks play with the CHAKRA nipple while they are drinking water. This is fun for the chicks. The sensitive 360 degree action of the chick and broiler nipple allows them to play with the nipple while they enjoy drinking and attain proper growth.

CHAKRA can help the poultry industry by supplying the correct nipple for the bird at a supply pace. Best machinery from the technological leaders in precise engineering and using the best available material for a perfect make, every CHAKRA nipple is a master piece. CHAKRA has in its infrastructure, the maximum number of such machinery to be the leader in making the highest quantity of poultry nipples in India.

CHAKRA nipples are the best choice when it comes to economy and service.

We hope your chicken are enjoying water.

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