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There has always been a saga of reputations where CHAKRA has performed satisfactory and appreciable in poultry equipment supplies. We at CHAKRA involve into the poultry behaviours and poultry habituation to better supply the poultry equipment and accessories comfortable and relaxing for poultry live stock health and their egg laying performance.

Farmers have always expressed their convenience in being able to maintain their huge or small farms with CHAKRA poultry Equipment. Our equipment have been distilled and designed only after consultation with experienced poultry farmers and poultry veterinarians. This the reason being CHAKRA makes practical poultry equipment which never fail on the field. A series of success stories in poultry farming equipment has always been our history which adherently rewards us with the title and award as first-class poultry equipment suppliers today.


CHAKRA has struggled through difficult times with the ambition to source poultry farmers around the globe with a parameter called quality in it's products. Since the beginning in 1979 as INTERNATIONAL wire mesh industries being the first foundation,CHAKRA starts to supply chain link fencing for poultry houses. As our highly regarded partner Mr. Ramesh succumbed, in his remembrance we have named the company, RAMESH WIRE MESH INDUSTRIES. As the scope of poultry in the country was sensed to be energetic and prosperous, Mr. Chakradhar Rao has taken an effort to connect various quality poultry suppliers to poultry farmers in India with the name CHOWDARY enterprises. CHOWDARY enterprises sourced the Equipments for poultry farmers which elapsed a theory to make quality poultry products for poultry farmers. WELD FUSE PVT. LTD. has evolved in 1985 which produced weld mesh for poultry cages. WELD FUSE PVT. LTD. has been the lure for quality purchasers. WELD FUSE PVT. LTD. has been the other name for welded mesh for poultry cages. There was always a need for technology in poultry farming. New methods, new practises and new techniques were reaping lucrative benefits to poultry farmers. These equipment which can make poultry farming easy and poultry farming a pretty business could only be afforded with a heavy paydown. There was a need where the equipments should be procured at a nominal price and the equipment should last as long as the business is in hand. This is when CHAK RADER FARM EQUIPMENT originated which produce pipes, feeders and waterer nipples for hens. A German collaboration with an Indian base is CHAK RADER FARM EQUIPMENT which has stood to the expectations of poultry farmers to supply the best available poultry products.

A conglomeration of these companies is the CHAKRA group which is a complete business supplier for poultry products and poultry requirement. A walk into CHAKRA will always leave an essence to come back considering the grade of products available with us and the convenience of product range we possess. Calming the struggle to search and refine for various poultry products in the market, CHAKRA ends your search with its stretch of poultry equipment. Enormous poultry compasses will always be guiding you to the best poultry equipment which will result CHAKRA.

Either domestic or international, CHAKRA has always been a center easy to reach, effortless to communicate and active to supply poultry products to which ever destination. Our range of distributors and our room of supply has never sanctioned any customer in despair. We are capable and eligible to hoard any quantity of supply and any product in our collection. Our attempt is to deliver the poultry world with quality products.

If you are thinking "why CHAKRA?", we suggest you to think "why not CHAKRA?".

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