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CHAKRA pipes are an important milestone for poultry management. There are many factors and environmental standards which should be governed to maintain proper growth, productivity and health of poultry. These factors can be schemed as temperature of water supplied to the bird, the positioning of water source for the bird either in cage or on floor, nipple fitness in pipe, ease of nipple play in the pipe, leak proofing the pipe for good litter condition, easy installation and durability.

Each factor plays an important role in the poultry health standards and house maintenance.

Temperature of water supplied to the birds : chicken can drink more water when the temperature of birds is maintained optimally just like human beings. When the temperature of the water is hot, the bird tends to consumer less water so is it the vice versa that when the temperature of water is too cold than what has to be optimal, the bird is not comfortable consuming water.

CHAKRA pipes have been designed and the material used for pipe manufacturing has been considered that the water temperature is restored inside the pipe to the maximum extent so that chicken can enjoy the optimal temperature of water. When this is observed, the bird can consume more water than abnormal. There is less need for flushing when the pipe can subsidise the required temperature. This is a very important feature among CHAKRA pipes.

Positioning of water source for the bird : Higher position or a lower position for the birds height might be a criteria for water consumption in chicken. When the pipe placement is higher than its reach to consume water from the source, the bird must effort to reach the source. When the pipe is lower than the head of chicken either in cages or on the floor, the chicken will not completely consume water without wasting. It will water the water because of operation faults. CHAKRA pipes are such calculated and designed that the cages can position CHAKRA pipes in such a way that the water source or the nipple is at a very correct position for bird reach and for drink capabilities.

Nipple fitness in pipe : CHAKRA pipes are at an advantage when they can accommodate any kind of CHAKRA nipple into the same pipe drill. The saddle on the nipple is a fixture which can connect a nipple and disconnect a nipple several times without damaging the pipe. The nipple fitness in the pipe as in, the nipple functionality in the pipe is an unhampered phenomenon. There has not been any observation regarding the nipple not being able to function properly in the CHAKRA pipe when installed correctly.

Due to measurement lapse, nipples might either stop functioning or might over play in the pipe. Both these observations are a malfunction. in CHAKRA pipes, the nipple has the correct tolerance to function and no tolerance to any leak which is why CHAKRA pipes can be considered a primary option for poultry use.

Easy installation : CHAKRA accessories for pipes such as couplers and clamps are catalysts for easy installation. Each and every part has been such designed that they correlate and correspond to the other parts decreasing leaks and increasing the degree of installation. However, we recommend CHAKRA team for pipe installation which will make your poultry water lines completely leak proof and adds to the peace of your mind.

Durability : the last asserted but the longest available is the durability of a CHAKRA pipe. Virgin material are alone considered for manufacturing CHAKRA pipes or the parts which accommodates CHAKRA pipes in the longest durable brackets. The quality of manufacture is governed by a continuos surveillance which proves no damage or mishap in the manufacturing process. When a CHAKRA pipe is being manufactured, the machinery, the process and the quality check is a very strict procedure whose result is the CHAKRA pipe with the highest durability.

What can be made slower can be made faster but what can be made fast can not be made slower. This is an elaboration to the CHAKRA pipes manufacturing capacities. Our hi-tech machinery and our devoted staff have always been with us for the manufacture of CHAKRA pipes at a faster pace which matches us for faster deliveries. Quality and speed are our chart list principles which have till date kept CHAKRA the biggest poultry pipe maker.

We hope water is a flawless supply in your farm.

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