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CHAKRA feeding system

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Feeding the chicken is a very hard duty when it comes to other considerations involved viz. feed wastage, uniform distribution, negligence of operatives, time of delivery, bird riot and position of feed in feeder. There is one resolution which can minimize or eradicate all the involved complications which makes the management better. CHAKRA feeding system. A self-standing and independent feeding system which can accumulate up to 4,000 kilograms of feed for one trip makes the CHAKRA feeding system a compatible machinery for extra-long sheds. Undoubtedly, small sheds or medium sheds can also be equipped with the CHAKRA feeding system which even attests that the CHAKRA feeding system is in the budgetary scale of every farmer. The convenience of a CHAKRA feeding system is beyond words which has never ported any poultry farmer with a clause of trouble.

Feed wastage: Usually, the feed is not wasted with a determination or purpose. Feed is wasted in accidents. These accidents are very frequent in a poultry house scenario. Because of the heavy sacks of feed, the ability for many people to carry them is analysable. People might drop the sack or roll the sack to make it easier which returns in wastage of feed. There are scenarios where the dispersing of feed is also unorganised where the feed is wasted due to the rapid pick and drop methods. This feed wastage can be countered to a negligible ratio with the CHAKRA feeding system. With the feed filling system, there is no requirement to carry the heavy sacks of feed into the raised poultry houses. There is no requirement to manually fill the cup and drop the cup in the feeder which is most chosen by many farmers in which a lot of feed is wasted. The CHAKRA feeding system attunes the amount of feed as set to it and then distributes the feed in the feeder directly minimising wastage. An innovation of CHAKRA is today a must requirement for all the poultry farmers either running their poultry farm in battery cage method or California cage methods.

Uniform distribution: Understanding the worker’s capacity, the worker is energetic in the beginning stages of feed distribution for bird cages. But when he has to do it several times, he loses the energy and starts operating random. This random behaviour leads to uneven feed distribution of feed which reflects on the bird’s health. A one trip machine catering feed to all the birds is the effortless routine which enables both the results of a less work and uniform distribution.

Negligence of operatives: A farm can not be completely relied on workers. They have their own set of mind which can either gain to our profits or collapse our profits. This is when we need some self-governance in the farm. To cover the negligence of workers in the farm, we have the CHAKRA feeding system with a time management function. We can either take a summary of the feed that has been distributed with other CHAKRA machinery like SILOs and feed filling system or we can assign a time to operate the feeding system which actuates on the desired time and desired quantity. Early hours and rush hours are not neglected with the CHAKRA feeding system.

Time of delivery: In a manual feeding poultry house, the time of feeding is a direct proportion of the length of the shed or the capacity of the shed. It is an unbelievable fact but the truth that for a shed of an approximate length of 300feet, the difference in time that the first bird gets the feed and the last bird gets the feed is 2 hours. This time lap has a very huge performance effect on the bird. This is less considered by many a farmers. This time lap is protected with the CHAKRA feeding system that all the birds are fed in an interval of 5 to 10 minutes however long the shed might be. A huge potential to maintain uniform growth and uniform performance in birds.

Bird riot: Did you know? Chicken are frightened when they see a blue moving object. Chicken are undisturbed when they see a white moving object. Chicken are curious when they see a red moving object. Different colors have a different effect on the birds and its behaviour. When a person walks in with a blue bright shirt, the chicken flap scared. This not observed when a person walks with a white or a yellow shirt. The chicken are curious and nosy when they observed something red. A bird riot must be omitted as much as possible to keep the chicken in their biological pattern. With a CHAKRA feeding system, there is no need for a person to walk through the house to feed them which allows the chicken to maintain their peacefulness and continue their laying or growing phenomena. This factor has a very less contribution on the bird’s life but is neither a factor which should not be considered.

Position of feed in the feeder: A bird starts to establish their own rank in a cage in a mature stage. They fight for the feed. When the feed given to them is in a heap form in the feeder because of the cup drop, the dominant bird does not allow the feeble birds to feed simultaneously. This will end in abnormal performance of the birds or abnormal growth of the birds. There is only one scheme to overcome this conduct which is uniform delivery of feed in the feeders with the CHAKRA feeding system. Feed is not allowed in heaps. It is deposited in layers which allow all the birds to enjoy the feed simultaneously. This is when a uniform growth or uniform performance is observed in the whole house.

Service topic: A CHAKRA feeding system seldom requires service. With the easy manufactured iron frame and high qualified motors, CHAKRA feeding system is a rigid structure which does not need any cages support and can run without repairs for an extended time. With high quality iron rods used as a track, the CHAKRA feeding system never fails in any circumstance of overload or running. Yet, CHAKRA team is always available a call away for attending any unusual breakdowns immediately to activate your normal curriculum faster. CHAKRA has supplied many such feeding systems in India and overseas which were never again called for a repair unless there was an exception of faulty operation.

Electricity: Calculated and experimented on real grounds first, the CHAKRA feeding system consumes the least electricity for it’s scheduled operation. CHAKRA feeding system is installed with a 1/2 horse power motor in a conventional feeding system for layers and 1 horse power in a parent bird farm. These parameters consume the tiniest electricity spent for a farm which again adds to the advantages of a CHAKRA feeding system.

We hope your birds are well fed.

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