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CHAKRA feed storage SILO
Feed storage is a new concept for instant feeding and timely feeding the birds for a better bird performance. Feed from the warehouse to the farm is a prolonged carry job which is a time consuming and hectic job. This has today an alternative as a mini feed storage near the poultry house called the SILO. The SILO is a feed storage near the poultry house which can accommodate feed for a small duration. Usually what can be expected from a SILO is a day or a couple of days feed for the entire house. Coming in a variant of 800 kilos to a huge capacity of 10.5 Metric Tonnes, the CHAKRA SILO can assimilate food for the poultry house for the required period or scheduled plan. What is more important about a SILO is the resistance it can offer for the poultry feed damage and the poultry feed storage convenience.

Posturing the SILO and their usage in the poultry, we can inform you about the advantages of the CHAKRA SILO and their comfort for a complete farm.

Reduced labour : CHAKRA has always been an illustration for reduced labour for a poultry farm followed by the theme, ”We make farming easy”. Supporting to this maxim is the CHAKRA SILO. Adding to the Feed Conveying System, from the ware house to the SILO, the SILO can be arranged outside the farm which can reduce the labour manual involvement in carrying the feed from the warehouse by any other means of transport. A quick grab of the required feed from the SILO happens in seconds or minutes which might consume hours or even more in a labour channel. Easy release of feed from the SILO into the feeding system inside the poultry house is a button press job which encourages the labours to involve into other productive requirements for the farm. A rapid transfer of feed into the house is a much organised methods the poultry titans are using these days. This keeps the feed to the birds on time and the bird health is not troubled at the minimum by this procedure.

Feed Nutrition Retained : Nutrition conserved in poultry feed is an element which is most often given a smaller amount of significance either due to lack of knowledge about it or due to equipment which are not compatible to conserve nutrition in poultry feed. However, nutrition in poultry feed should not be compromised in any situation as the poultry performance or growth is very much depend on nutrition. Nutrition in poultry feed can be destroyed by uncontrolled heat in a container. A metal SILO is a container which is a sun raised container containing the poultry feed which might destroy the nutrition of feed.

To counter these nutrition issues, CHAKRA introduced the fibre Reinforced Plastic or the FRP SILO which is an insulator of sun heat towards the feed inside the SILO. The characteristics of FRP rejects the sun heat to the feed contained inside the SILO making it a useful equipment for feed storage. An FRP SILO is a perfect choice for the poultry feed stored in sunlit weathers and hot temperatures.

Longevity : Longevity of SILO for a poultry farm is also an important factor to be considered while selecting a SILO for your poultry farm. A SILO is an equipment which is used every day in a poultry farm or may be more than once. The longevity should be considered for such apparatus as they can not be changed frequently. This is when the CHAKRA FRP and metal SILO are challenging when it comes to the quality factor. Made from 470GSM, the metal SILO from CHAKRA has a longer promise than any other local made or fabricated SILO. Made from high quality raw fibre materials, the thickened FRP SILO is impressive in quality terms. CHAKRA praises the FRP SILO and the manufacturing facility which can offer the FRP SILO very available to the customers in their requested sizes and uses.

Convenience : Convenience is a family member in our time. CHAKRA has never neglected to reach the convenience to our customers. We have made convenience a feature which comes standard with our equipment. Included in the CHAKRA SILO, convenience to operate the SILO, observe the SILO and use the SILO in unexpected situations are usual attributes. A button operated and a few number observations are enough to explain the convenience of a CHAKRA SILO. Considering the leap and run the poultry industry is, in India or abroad, CHAKRA is equipped to participate in the race with such sophisticated equipment.

Variants available at CHAKRA : CHAKRA SILO are available in many variants as per the farmer’s requirement. As per the capacity of the poultry house, a SILO is a choice according to its variants for the poultry house. A FRP SILO is available in 800kilograms capacity, 3.5 Metric tonnes capacity and 10.5metric tonnes capacity which is an advantage for the suit required by the farmer. The metal SILO is available in 10.5 metric tonnes and 15 metric tonnes capacity.

Accessories : Accessories with SILO are another dimension of handiness. Load cells calculating the feed delivery from the SILO and requirement of the SILO feed input, the boot for the SILO being the root of operating the SILO, the auger system fixed to the boot and the motors are all the handfuls. CHAKRA has in ready stock these accessories with the SILO for the easy installation of SILO in your farm.

Service at CHAKRA : Service is required regularly for a product which is inferior either in quality or design. SILO at CHAKRA are made by well experienced and well supervised engineers with a grade of quality and design. Administered and vigilante about the product, the CHAKRA SILO is manufactured with high technology controlled machines which seldom require repair or service. However, the use of SILO can not be controlled by CHAKRA as it belongs to the farm afterwards. On a few circumstances and conditions, the SILO might demand for a service or repair if used inappropriate. CHAKRA has all the combinational service attention techniques to attend your service call and clear any service mishap and make ready the SILO for your use in the next moment.

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