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CHAKRA feed filling system

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The crisis of workforce is now a challenge in many nations including highly populated countries like China and India. Public working in the line staff crew for a farm are demanding the florescent side of wages. Their living and their expenditure culture is captivating them to claim higher incomes which is achieving a load on the farmer and his working capital. What should not be mentioned is the depressed situation the farmer is subjected to and his choice less spending to satisfy the worker’s demands.

What can CHAKRA help here?

Automation of the farm. One segment of farm automation is the feed filling system.

A CHAKRA feed filling system is the system which can fill the feed from a source to the destination without the help of a toils men. From the warehouse to the silo, from the silo to the poultry house, from the warehouse to the poultry house, from the feed factory to the warehouse, from the warehouse to multiple sheds and anywhere to anywhere. Feed can be transferred without wastage and without labour in just a press of a button. Yes, this is possible without a notion of doubt to any situation involved. Feed wastage is now a days a concern when the feed is loaded into a mobile vehicle and then unloaded at the destination. How much ever care is taken for the feed to be conserved, there is a considerable wastage here or there. A CHAKRA feed filling system has the capability to save each and every grain of feed and transfer the feed to the required destination.

A CHAKRA feed filling system is capable to cover the entire farm for transferring feed into multiple sheds without requiring multiple lines or return lines for different sheds. One line can be installed throughout the farm which can transfer feed to any shed individually. This is a major advantage for farmers with multiple houses.

Feed can be discharged at any point with any number of gates which permits the feed to be directly discharged into the CHAKRA feeding system or as per your option required.

Feed transfer rate is 100 kgs and 220 lbs per minute which is a suggested transfer rate of feed omitting the time consumed to transfer this amount of feed manually. A high dimensional auger system can achieve this transfer rate which is deprived of other small considerations for feed transfer. What is noticeable with the CHAKRA feed filling system is that the bigger transfer pipes and the big sized auger are a calculated measure of the feed that has to be transferred in the limited time to unlimited distances. Machined at precision and practically designed to operate at the correct rpm, the CHAKRA feed filling system has encountered hardly ever a repair or a replacement alarm.

CHAKRA has always been thoughtful to diminish the occurring hidden costs to a poultry farmer. Electricity consumed in a poultry farm because of these automations is an unseen budget which most of the farmers do not recognise. CHAKRA comprehends these farmer concerns and has designed the CHAKRA feed filling system to consume the least amount of electricity to accomplish the feed transfer. Using the correct motors in the correct place, not asserting loads on the motor and consuming electricity for the easy transfer program is an unseen cost saving CHAKRA can contribute to the poultry farmers. We detail the transfer program to the farmer which is practical and most suggested for their individual farm site.

CHAKRA can make the farm more organised with such automations along with the CHAKRA feeding system allowing him to realise more benefits from the easy machinery technologies available today.

We hope you are transferring feed without effort.

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