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Cooling of a poultry house is a very important circumstance in hot climates. This will help the bird maintain the sensibility that the weather is moderate and they perform normal. In abnormal temperatures like extreme hot where the temperature records 40~450 centigrade, birds when not maintained in the nominal temperatures of a life designate for a bird, they struggle for comfort when they lose their performance or might even give up their struggle by death eventually.

To make this kind of phenomenon overrule your poultry profit, CHAKRA introduced the CHAKRA cooling systems for a cool poultry farm. We make farming easy in summers also with our cooling systems which helps the bird to record high performance like in a normal temperature. There are enormous ways to cool the poultry house. An air conditioner or a Peltier curtain can also cool the house but there are a few constraints which have to be even governed while we keep the poultry house cool. Electricity, failures, expenses, investment, machinery faults and repairs and supervision of machinery are a few constraints we shall discuss in our cooling systems available.

Let us reveal the best cooling systems we have which will maintain your profit even in extreme temperatures while your investments are kept at your budget.

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