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CHAKRA cooling pads and Husbandry Fans

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The most economical cooling system available and the highest grade of cooling achieved is by the CHAKRA cooling pads and the husbandry fans

CHAKRA cooling pads are available in various sizes and arrangements to cool your poultry house with the least economical options. The 6inch thick hard paper cooling pad has always been a sensible choice of many who seek cooling effect without the expensive possibilities.

Coming with all the required features as in the sinks, inlets and water channels, the cooling pads can operate with a simple water pump and even make sure that the water is recycled and not wasted. Durable quality of cooling pad from proven background is always an article which can be relied on for a longer duration. Conventional methods like jute or dried grass fibres do not have pores which can just contain water in them. A cooling pad is designed with pores while manufactures which cause a water cooling solution among them which is then induced into the air grab by the husbandry fans.

CHAKRA husbandry fans are a fibre reinforced plastic made body with a powerful 2h.p motor and xxxxrpm which is an air pulling catalyst in the tunnel cooling effect. Capacity of the fan. Cooling pads per fan. One end of the shed is introduced with cooling pads where the water from the cooling pads creates a cool air and the other end is equipped with husbandry fans which pull the cool air from the cooling pads to the entire poultry house. Being sealed on both the sides, the poultry house is now a tunnel which is now filled with cool air. The entire house is cooled with a natural cooling phenomena which is enjoyed by the chicken.

Made from plastic material, the husbandry fan has a beautiful silent run without vibrations not causing much a disturbance for the poultry life inside the house. Reinforced with fibre, the husbandry fan has no cause to be destroyed by nature. It can sustain heat and rain without a strain for a disclaimed long period. What is more important is the air pull design the CHAKRA husbandry fan has compared to a regular iron fan. The special design has the capacity to attract more volume of air. Given light shutter doors, the CHAKRA husbandry fan can run very efficiently with the slightest air pull. Sure to mention, the CHAKRA husbandry fan is a design sought by the future enthusiasts for the fine design and beautiful working.

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